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hum とは… humminghum





The brand name ‘hum’ originates from ‘humming’, in hopes of residing in people’s memory like the spontaneous sound of humming.

Combined are jewelry handcraft with traditional techniques by Tomohiro Sadakiyo the craftsman, and original designs rich in sensibility proposed by Yuka Iinuma the designer.
Jewelries created by the duo are all handmade in hum’s atelier.

With the theme of ‘unforgettable jewelries’, we present a unique world that weave together quality and design.


Working Class Movement

我々は日本において「working class movement」をスローガンに、ジュエリーの新しい価値、市場、文化を創造しています。


We have put up a slogan of “Working Class Movement”, creating new value, market and culture of jewellery in Japan.

‘Bespoke and Remodeling’ responding to the customer’s personal needs and requests.
‘One of a Kind Collection’ made with highly skilled technique.
‘Handcrafting’ hum’s jewellery is made by hand in our atelier as much as we can. We believe it’s important to give some identity to our jewellery, by clarifying who creates, and to whom, unlike mass-produced jewellery.





The most apparent characteristic of Japanese jewelling techniques is its engraving and stone setting methods (others are mostly the same).

In Europe and America, stone setting is done by pushing away the metal and carving it off by hand. In comparison, Japanese setting techniques use a tool called “otafuku” to pull the metal towards the craftsman. This difference is in fact, quite substantial, and the Japanese technique results in creating a strong distinguished bright shine to engraved patterns. There are various techniques that have been carried into Japan, but this technique remains uniquely Japanese.

Although we as designers and craftsmen are from present day Japan, hum’s jewelry has an oriental feel as a result of the aesthetics and techniques developed over the history of Japan, which continue to dwell within us.


Company Information

株式会社 ハム
東京都渋谷区神宮前2-31-7 Villa Gloria 1F